Yasmine Sabri

Yasmine Sabri is a rising star in the Middle East, she participated in a short time in all the big hit successful TV shows and movies. Yasmine started her career from scratch, she didn’t know anyone in the show business but she managed to be where she is now.Yasmine traveled to New York City and worked there during school, she believes one must be independent and strong willed to achieve anything in life.

Yasmine was a professional swimmer in Egypt, and until today she works out and has an active life style.Yasmine Sabri lives a very simple life style, that to a lot of people it could be shocking. Books her are close friends, pets are her best friends, she takes her energy from earth and all the things that people take for granted and just pass it by.

Yasmine also collaborates with the Arab Women Organisation, using her fame by channelling her spot light to the Syrian refugees and the arab women rights, she visits refugee camps, helps girls to dream big and believe in a brighter future no matter the circumstances of the present.

Yasmine believes that she has to working on building herself each day, Physically, mentally and spiritually. she’s a dreamer and always looks at the positive side.Yasmine is a brand name in progress, which will be the first Egyptian actress/celebrity taking the next step in branding her name.

Starting with her line under her name in clothing, bringing back to the Arabic women the sense of wearing dresses in her everyday life, taking fashion back to the 50’s where women’s fashion was classy and feminine.Along side with the clothing line, Yasmine is working on an exclusive brand whom she will be the international brand ambassador. to be released soon to the public…